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A study conducted at the Weight Loss Surgical Center of Louisiana compares the sleeve gastrectomy with traditional gastric bypass. See the results on the poster: Sleeve Gastrectomy Compares Favorably to Gastric Bypass in Weight Loss and Diabetes Resolution in Community Practice

Proof that Weight Loss Surgery can Reverse DiabetesDoctors say the operation should be offered sooner to more people with diabetes; not just as a last resort.

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We now accept Prosper HealthCare Lending as a financing option.

Weekly Weight Loss Surgery Seminars

Dr. Hargroder conducts weekly weight loss surgery seminars at our offices in Baton Rouge. The address is 16851 Jefferson Hwy, Suite 3B, Baton Rouge, LA 70817. Please call our office for dates and times.

Andrew Hargroder, MD
16851 Jefferson Highway, Suite 3B
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Andrew Hargroder, MD
16851 Jefferson Highway
Suite 3B
Baton Rouge, LA 70817