Revision Surgery

Revision surgery, sometimes called revisional surgery, is for patients who have already had some weight loss surgery and need additional surgery – either to repair the first one or because they haven’t lost sufficient weight. If you think you need revision surgery, contact Dr. Andrew Hargroder in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for a consultation.

Revision Surgery Q & A

Why is revision surgery necessary?

Revision surgery, or additional weight loss surgery, can be required for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the original procedure wasn’t performed correctly or was an older method that is now causing complications. Other times, the initial procedure wasn’t the best choice for the patient. Or, as with other diseases, sometimes one treatment just isn’t enough.

If you think you need revision surgery, you shouldn’t feel ashamed, embarrassed, or that you’ve failed. You should contact Dr. Hargroder’s office in Baton Rouge. They can evaluate the reasons for weight regain, take a look at your diet and lifestyle, and determine whether you’re a good candidate for revision surgery.

What is gastric bypass revision surgery?

One example of revision surgery is gastric bypass revision surgery, which is often needed when there is gastric pouch dilation or stretching of the smaller stomach. This increase in stomach size can be due to overeating, or from the healed tissue naturally stretching.

To correct this problem, gastric bypass revision is needed, which is accomplished a few ways, including “band-over-bypass,” a revision that entails placing a lap-band over the previous gastric bypass. Many revision surgeries are actually just other types of weight loss procedures. Dr. Hargroder can counsel you on the advantages and limitations of each, and which works best for your unique situation.

Am I a good candidate for revision surgery?

In general, you might be a good candidate for revision surgery if:

  • You haven’t lost or have regained 50% of the excess weight you had at the time of your procedure
  • You’ve regained enough weight that it’s causing medical issues, such as diabetes
  • You have a BMI of 40 or above

No matter which weight loss surgery you had before, and no matter which surgeon performed it, Dr. Hargroder is happy to talk with you about your options. With revision surgery, it’s especially important to have an experienced surgeon like Dr. Hargroder, since revision surgeries are technically more challenging and can have a higher risk of complications. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Hargroder today.

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